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STUDIO: Custom Session

STUDIO: Custom Session

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Photography studio sessions encompass a wide range of specialized shoots that take place within a controlled indoor environment. Here are various types of photography studio sessions:

  • Portrait Photography: Capturing individuals or groups in a studio setting, focusing on facial expressions, poses, and personalities.
  • Family Photography: Taking portraits of families, including parents, children, and sometimes pets, often involving various groupings and poses.

  • Newborn and Baby Photography: Capturing the early days of a newborn's life, often featuring delicate poses, props, and close-ups.

  • Maternity Photography: Documenting the beauty of pregnancy through elegant poses, belly shots, and intimate portraits of expecting mothers

  • Fashion Photography: Shooting models showcasing clothing, accessories, and styles in a studio environment, often with elaborate lighting setups.

  • Glamour Photography: Creating glamorous and sophisticated images of individuals, focusing on beauty, style, and allure.

  • Product Photography: Creating high-quality images of products for commercial use, including e-commerce, advertising, and catalog purposes.

  • Food Photography: Capturing appetizing images of food and beverages, often used in restaurant menus, cookbooks, and advertising campaigns.

  • Commercial Photography: Creating images for advertising, branding, and marketing purposes, covering a wide range of products and services.

  • Still Life Photography: Arranging and capturing inanimate objects or arrangements in a studio setting, often with careful attention to composition and lighting.

  • Pet Photography: Capturing the personalities and unique characteristics of pets in a studio environment, often with props and treats to keep them engaged.

  • Fitness and Athlete Photography: Documenting athletes and fitness enthusiasts in action or in posed shots, highlighting their physique and dedication.

These are just some of the many types of photography studio sessions, each requiring specific skills, equipment, and artistic vision to achieve desired results.

Sessions start at $300.00/hr. Please reach out and discuss project details with photographer prior to booking! 

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